John Hayward

A native of Reading in the UK, I read Natural Sciences for my BA/MSci (specialising in Chemistry) at the University of Cambridge, doing my final year project under the supervision of Professor Steven Ley FRS and Dr (now Prof.) Ian Baxendale; having enjoyed that experience so much I was delighted to study for a PhD with Steve, defending "Studies in Modern Organic Chemistry - Catalytic, Technological and Structural" in 2010. This rather broadly titled thesis involved a variety of projects that covered a broad range of organic synthesis topics, from microwave chemistry and the application of flow methods to total synthesis, to solid state chemistry and DFT calculations.

I accepted an offer of a Post-doctoral position from Prof. Jeremy Rawson where he was setting up a new laboratory upon his receipt of a Canada Research Chair in Molecular Materials. I had been in contact with Jeremy about the latter topics during my PhD and subsequently had a highly enjoyable time in Windsor on a variety of organo-main group and solid-state/materials research topics. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to be a Sessional Instructor for first year chemistry in 2011 and 2013, covering basic equilibria, kinetics, thermodynamics and electrochemistry topics for which I received the University of Windsor Student Alliance Award for Excellence in Teaching and subsequently the Ontario Universities Student Alliance Teaching Award, to my great surprise (and gratification!). 

I then moved to Brock University in 2013 for a very diverse year under the supervision of Prof. Melanie Pilkington, working on tetrathiafulvalene and coordination chemistry/ligand design projects. Because, apparently, working for two Canada Research Chairs wasn't enough, in summer 2014 I moved across campus at Brock to work under the direction of Prof. Tomáš Hudlický, where I am currently working towards the total synthesis of medicinally relevant targets.