Professor Steven V. Ley FRS CBE - 1702 BP Professor of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

A truly stellar chemist, working for Steve was truly a privilege. I try to check in every few months, as it's the only way to keep up with the group's output!

Professor Ian R. Baxendale - Professor of Synthetic Chemistry, Durham University

An (increasingly) senior post-doc in the Ley group during my undergrad and PhD, Ian moved to Durham in 2012 where he continues to do disgustingly well.

Dr Andre Cobb - Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry and Editor of New Journal of Chemistry

An early mentor during my PhD years, Andre started his group in my old hometown of Reading before moving KCL. He now harasses me about being late in reviewing manuscripts... I am getting better at that, promise.

Professor Jeremy M. Rawson - Canada Research Chair in Molecular Materials, University of Windsor

Being the "organic" chemist in an "inorganic" group was a fantastic experience, and exposed me to a wide variety of chemistry and ways of thinking that I would not otherwise have had. Working with Jeremy was great, and I solidified my appreciation of crystallography and DFT calculations.

Professor Melanie Pilkington - Canada Research Chair in Hybrid Materials, Brock University

While not a very large group, Melanie's research is impressive in it's breadth and depth. With interests covering the p-block (TTF) chemistry and the coordination chemistry of both the transition metals and the lanthanides, there isn't much of the periodic table that hasn't been explored!

Professor Tomáš Hudlický - Canada Research Chair in Organic Synthesis and Biocatalysis, Brock University


Professor James Gauld - Professor of Computational Chemistry, University of Windsor